Energy Control Powers

01-02 Energy Absorption The hero can absorb a specific type of energy and convert it into health. Choose which energy type (life energy, nuclear, light etc.)

03-04 Catalytic Control
Increase or decrease the speed of chemical reactions. Or the hero can for instance increase the heat generated by a process. Possible power stunts are: Increase Strength and End by increasing the Metabolizing of Oxygen and Food,

Hastening decay

Forming Compounds by simple mixing

Stopping nuclear reactions

Causing impossible reactions etc.

05-06 Channel* The PC can take in energy and store it, and convert it into a bio-energy manipulating it so that he/she can develop the following Power stunts:
Energy Emission of that energy at this power’s rank number.
Healing up to power rank number.
Energy Detection of that energy at power’s rank number.
Temporary Primary Ability enhancement to either the maximum power rank or 1cs of the higher Ability rank. IE: if the highest Ability Rank number is AM, and the power rank is AM, then the PC can increase any single ability to Am, or any single ability that is AM to (1CS) MN. This power also has a special bonus; If the highest ability rank is lower than the power rank rolled, then the Player gets the benefit of raising any single ability to that rank number permanently. The enhancement of the Ability lasts for 1-10 rounds. (See the Energy Emissions).
Note: The player has a wide range for other possible stunts. This is a Godly Power, so Player must work with the Judge.

07-08 Coldshaping Increase or decrease cold intensity or redirect Cold powers, Cold Generation is a bonus power.

09-10 Cosmic Energy Manipulation ** The PC can manipulate the energies of the Universe into a vast number of discrete fashions, and draw upon this individual power to perform a wide genre of Power stunts. Each stunt is basically developed into a power. The powers the PC can develop are limitless, and should be developed with Judges discretion. Indicated here is a trite list of the following Powers stunts developed:
Matter Manipulation
Energy Manipulation
Matter Creation
The PC automatically gains a bonus power; Cosmic Energy Force Bolts with the intensity of the Power’s rank number. Furthermore, the PC also can develop his/her Primary Abilities and Powers at 1/2 the cost of Karma, and can automatically raise a single ability +1CS. Finally, only one single power or Ability can be developed each overtime.
Note: This is a Cosmic Power, so player must work with the Judge.

11-12 Cyberspace Manipulation

13-14 Darkforce Manipulation Generate and control the ‘darkforce’.
Power Stunts: Blunt attack at rank damage


Flight at -1cs


Energy Solidification

Note: This is an extradimensional energy, so little is known or nothing is learned about unfamiliar dimensions, so Player must work with the Judge, in order to create an imaginative array of details involving this Power and its Dimension. (See Extradimensional Energy).

15-16 Dream Manipulation This is a trivial form of Dream Control. The PC can enter the Dream World, and manipulate the energies in a pocket dreamscape to his/her whim. This power functions like a temporary minute form of reality manipulation at power rank number, while within the Dream World.

17-18 Ectoplasmshaping The PC can manipulate and shape the extradimensional spirit matter called Ectoplasm to perform a variety of Power stunts:

Blunt attacks at Power rank damage;
Raw form of Telekinesis at Power rank;
Construct intangible spirit forms;
Energy solidification;

Note: This is an extradimensional energy, so little is known or nothing is learned about unfamiliar dimensions, so Player must work with the Judge, in order to create an imaginative array of details involving this Power and its Dimension. (See the Extradimensional Energy and Ectoplasmcasting power of this update).

19-21 Electrical Control As other control powers but character also gets resistance to electrical attacks. He can also remotely operate electrical devices with a Gd power FEAT, complex machinery requires a Rm FEAT.

22-24 Electro-magnetic Manipulation * The PC can emit and control the energies that make up the Universal Spectrum. This power has an added bonus power similar to Focus (See Power Focus). However, The PC can only Focus all the energies of the spectrum in one single attack. All Energy Powers begin with the rank EX, and each power is modified. The Energy Powers are rolled separately on the Ability Modifier Table (APB p.6), and then are permanently recorded. Thus, the PC has a wide range of intensities of Energy Powers. The following list of Energies make up the spectrum:
Hard Radiation
Note: This is a Cosmic Power, so player must work with the Judge.

25-27 Energy Conversion Change one form of energy into another at 1 rank lower than original. He must make a power FEAT vs. the intensity of the energy. The hero can gain energy emission (Dazzler) or convert energy in a less dangerous form. Heat to cold in a firestorm for instance.

28-30 Energy Plasmoids The PC can mold out of energy glowing patterns that detonate within a limited time span. There are many different forms of this power that can be manifested and developed into Power stunts. The Time of detonation is measured by the subconscious mind of the PC. In other words, each power and characteristics are unique in their own way. The following are two forms that have been manifested:


Note: This is a Power that a Player can be creative and have fun. Think Grenades, C-4, Falling stars, flash powders, etc. This is a Power that also needs to be worked out with the Judge

31-33 Energy Solidification Form solid forms of intensity material strength. Simple solids require a Fb FEAT, animated require Ty and simple machinery requires an In FEAT. Power stunts: create cages
Forming servants build semi-permanent structures

create body armor to protect and enhance abilities Pieces that are broken off revert to energy form and do -4CS damage.

34-36 Energy Sponge Absorb and store any kind of energy. Up to power rank can be stored and released at -2CS or harmlessly dissipated. The hero can absorb more energy at a red FEAT but failure results in a complete release of energy at full damage to the hero and surroundings.

37-39 Energy Vampirism Drain energy from a target and convert it into Str, End, Psy or other powers. Non-living can be drained totally at a power FEAT vs. energy intensity. Living targets have resistance equal to their Psy and only energy emission powers can be drained.

40-42 Explosive Power This is a combination of the powers Energy Plasmoids, and Energy Imbuement. The PC can Imbue any object with energy that will explode. Like the Plasmoid Power time can be an irrelative factor in when the explosion takes place. The intensity is the Power’s rank number. There are two forms of this power:
Note: This is a Power that a Player can be creative and have fun, and that also needs to be worked out with the Judge

43-44 Extradimensional Energy Control The PC can control an existing but yet unknown energy or force from another Dimension. Moreover, the PC can develop a variety of Power stunts with his/her unique power. Player must get with the Judge and fashion up a new unique energy that can be harnessed by the PC, and possible Power stunts. The Power automatically awards the PC with the bonus Power of emitting the new Extradimensional Energy at Power rank. The following are forms of extradimensional energies that have been introduced:
Darkforce energy
Positive energy
The multi-colored bubbles of the Speedball effect.
Equinox energy

45-46 Extraterrestrial Energy Control

47-48 Fire control Control existing flames, increase or decrease by power rank. The hero has power rank resistance vs. heat & fire.

49-50 Gravity Manipulation Changes gravity intensity with following power stunts:
Changing gravity direction creating artificial gravity launching targets into space levitation at -1CS speed incapacitating a foe by increasing his weight

Forming large asteroids from space debris.

51-52 Hard Radiation Control*Control X-rays, alpha, beta, gamma and cosmic rays.

Note: The ever so popular Cosmic Rays is a Cosmic hard radiation, but Cosmic Energy is just that, all the energies of the cosmos all intermingled into one lump of Universal energy. Hard Radiation is still very Powerful.

53-54 Imbuement The PC can charge an object with energy that will send off a surge of energy when in contact with it. The object can be Imbued with any one type of energy of Power rank intensity. (See Energy Emission Powers). The most common objects that are imbued are weapons, in that they give an additional damage to the victim. However, anything that the PC is in contact with can be imbued. Only, inorganic material can be imbued with this Power.

55-56 Kinetic Control

57-58 Light Control Control light, form crude holograms on Rm feat and gain +1CS resistance to light based attack.

59-60 Magnetic Manipulation Control existing magnetic forces and shape the field in certain forms to for instance create force fields.

61-62 Microwave Manipulation The PC can control the Microwaves found in the earth’s environment with Power rank intensity. The PC can either increase or decrease the intensity up to his/her Power’s rank. The PC can also reduce microwave damage by his/her rank number. This Power also includes Power rank Resistance of Microwave Energy. The most important aspect of this Power is the capability to alter and reform Microwave energy into any shape desired. This can be used for a variety of Power stunts. The Power automatically grants the PC a bonus power of Microwave generation at Power rank intensity.

63-64 Nuclear Control The PC can manipulate Nuclear Energy, whether natural or power based at Power rank. The PC can also increase or decrease the level of the energy by Power rank. The PC automatically gains the power Explosive at Power rank intensity. Furthermore, the PC can reshape Nuclear Energy into other forms. This can be used for a variety of Power stunts.

65-66 Plasma Control Control plasma, create plasma constructs or counteract plasma powers.

67-68 Probability Manipulation ** Note: This Power is definitely a must see Judge situation.

69-70 Probability Stabilization

Negates Probability Manipulation

71-72 Radiowave Control Same as other control powers except microwave, AM or FM waves. Or simulate broadcasts

73-74 Reality Manipulation ** This is basically the same Power. The PC can change reality into whatever he/she desires. This is just on a Cosmic level, rather than Magic. Note: Reality Manipulation is a form of Power creation. This is a Cosmic Power, so player must work with the Judge.

75-76 Shadowshaping Form 2-dimensional shadow constructs that do power rank damage and remote sense through them, he can also see through shadows.

77-78 Sound Manipulation Same as other with following power stunts muting voices, alarms magnifying sounds to do power rank damage

79-80 Thermal Control Control heat or cold but only the thing directly affected by the heat or cold source.

81-82 Time Control**

Note: this is a powerful Cosmic Power. PC must receive a limitation from the Judge, each stunt must be developed separately and PC starts out with 0 stunts initially. Furthermore, PC must continue to work with Judge.

83-84 Vibration Control Increase or decrease vibrations, controlling earthquakes.
Richter number intensity

1 Fe, Pr
2 Ty, Gd
3 Ex, Rm
4 In, Am
5 Mn, Un
6 Sh-X, Sh-Y
7 Sh-Z, CL1000
8 CL3000, CL5000

other power stunts:
1. Distort voices
2. Cripple gyroscopes
3. Adjust vibration of his/her own atoms permitting him to phase

85-86 Space Manipulation Through the use of this power, heroes may warp space around them to their liking. Villains attempting to charge a hero with this power may find the distances between them and their target increasing inexplicably! Heroes may also use this as a movement power; granting power rank Lightning Speed. The hero may shrink space, expand it and wrap it around himself to avoid bullets and other nasty things!

87-88 Continuum Control*

89-95 Entropy Magnification Entropy is the tendency of an object or system to disorganize and end up in disorder or randomness. For example, a crystal dish set on a table represents more order than the set after being shattered with a hammer. That hammer represents Entropy.
The power lets a PC accelerate the rate of decay in an object, group or system. This has varying effects depending on if the power is focused on physical or intangible things.
This power can do rank level damage every round to physical objects. To do damage, an opposed FEAT roll is made against the material strength or the Endurance of the target. Considering the constant flux of Order and Chaos, physical damage is not always permanent. Duration is determined by the color of the successful FEAT roll you made. A Green FEAT makes the damage last 1 round. A Yellow lasts 10 rounds. A Red is permanent. Note: just because the damage is non-permanent does not mean it is non-lethal. If you do enough damage to end a life, the damage reverting to normal 10 rounds later will not bring it back. Can use on multiple targets as the rules describe for standard energy attacks.
This is where power stunts tend to come into play. Several kinds of effects are possible…
*Disrupting someone’s concentration
*Diffusing an energy attack
*Wreaking havoc with computer systems
*Cause meetings to degenerate into arguments
The possibilities are many and varied. When using the power this way on multiple targets, take the highest Psyche or applicable intensity, and add 1CS to the opposed intensity for every 4 members of the group. Example: You are trying to disrupt a board meeting. The chairman has a Psyche of Gd, and there are 8 other people at the meeting. The opposed rank to roll against would be Rm. Example: You are trying to crash a computer network. The main computer is a Rm program, and there are 4 sub-units. The opposed rank to roll against would be In. Duration is a little different than with inanimate objects. A successful Green FEAT lasts 1 minute, a Yellow lasts 10 minutes, and a Red FEAT roll indicates number of minutes x power rank x 10. In the case of diffusing an attack or something equally short-lived, the duration is instantaneous (if successful).
Optional Powers: none

Nemesis Powers: Reflection, Force Field v. Energy

96-00 Energy Threshold Any energy entering this power’s field will have no effect above Typical rank. That includes ALL energies; sonics, kinetics, inertia, etc. While this power seems to act as a basic force field, there are some notable disadvantages. Because ALL energies are dampened, the character is unable to move faster than Typical rank ground speed (3 areas per round). This however does come in handy when falling off buildings. This power rank is the point at which the Threshold field overloads (treat as Force Field).

Energy Control Powers

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