Dusk Shade's Costume

Suit given to Ryan Conrad by The Batman


This suit is extremly similar to The Batman and Batwgirl Costumes which offer good protection especially against projectiles as They were primarily hand to hand fighters.

Body Part Rating Strength Defense Speed Cost
Torso 2/4 3 –1 -1 5
Arms/Legs/Hands/Feet/Head 1/2 - - - 3 each

This Suit offers complete protection to all of the body including the head when the cowl is pullled up. All Areas of this Costume are Bulleteproof reducing the damage type of projectiles by one.

Special Equipment:

Location Name Description/Systyem
Head Radio Transeiver 2-way Radio Communications range of 10 miles
Head Night Vision Vsor No Penalties for Natural Darkness
Hand Titanium Razorclaws Retractable Cat like Claws, +2 dice when climbing with them can climb most surfaces. 2 damage 1 Strength (Armorpiercings 1)
Waist Utility Belt 7 Containers, Security System dischages a Electric charge when being tampered with, target must raoll Stamina or is stunned for the scene
Belt(container #1 Smoke Pelletes Area Burst 1 within Dex + Athletics amount of squares, squares are totally concealed for anone not in close combat, close combat suffers severly concealled penalties.
Wrist Wrist Computer 1 TB Hardrive with mini computer, made mostly for data recording and Storage has limited Computer interface Capabilities.

This suit was deseigned specifically for Ryan Conrad after Barbarra Wilson Convinced Bruce Wayne that he could be trusted with their secrets.

Dusk Shade's Costume

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