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Cruise, real name- K&$%#% W%$#, Born in 1990 Raised in Downtown Chicago..

Then- once A high school track star with all the promise of a bright and successful future…. Now one of the best mob delivery men in the city. It was after his parents died that he fell in with a bad crowd, who utilized his athletic ability to aid in there low lever “snatch and grab” crime. He was quickly noticed by a mafia (recruiter) and put to work for real. within a short time he had become well known for his ability, efficiency and determination to always get the job done.

Then- After a few years of work cruise had established a name a life for himself. living the downtown party life, in the club scene ….and running the rooftops of Chicago. things were looking up and it looked like good things were coming…..recently he has found himself waking up naked in random parks, some times covered in blood…always naked…with no recollection of the hours before….what is to become of this and how it will effect cruise is still unknown.

Now- Weeks have passed. Cruise has now learned he is a werewolf and has even gained the ability to control beast inside him. He is no longer limited to nights of a full moon and he has full control of himself. He is moving up in the underworld financially and is looking to advance further through whatever means necessary.


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