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Story 2 - S-3: Tested Territories



So things begin as usual, which means Cruise is arguing with me over something petty that I could really care less about. Everyone had good ideas and were discussing how to go about them. Since I have no technical aptitude or training I climb down to go find water. while I wait for Cruise to bring the case down I meet an alien canine. We tussle a bit but I force his submission and he joins the pack. Not only can he cloak like the hunters but he can see through their cloak, double bonus. Me and the pack go get water, get building materials from the giant bird corpse, then follow camo wolf to the hunters sacred temple. We come back a few weeks later, I figured it would give them time to finish the elevator, and I wanted some time alone with my pack in the jungle anyway. We get back and they are done. They also say a giant monster is roaming the area, from what camo says its probably the monster from another mountain. That’s all we need.
We discuss whether or not to play these hunters game or try to break out on our own. We decide to play for another month, fine by me I’m starting to like it here anyway it kinda reminds me of home. We also decide to let me call Sarah, which I’m so happy about. Wayne is really a tough case, he’s either super useful, or trying to kill us and sometimes both. I manage to call Sarah and talk to Tony as well. She is fine and happy, so maybe I won’t kill every hunter on that station. Tony finally gives me the whole rundown, so he can save us or we can save us by clearing the other 2 mountains. He tells me he wants to take me and Damon on this big hunt in the temple. I think were good choices, but strategically Wayne and Nicolai make better choices for specific reasons that I can explain to him later on.
So we make plans to fight this monster thing. Meanwhile, Cruise and Nico and Nicolai summon a were lizard and it kicks their asses. When I get there it is gone, I roar a challenge to no avail. It is obviously motivated by cowardice and chose to ignore me. Oh well, back to the big game hunt. I send Serena and Cruise to recon the monsters lair, something goes wrong and they are in trouble so I drop the open case and run to help. I arrive to find Cruise flying off into the jungle and Serena falling to her death. I jump and save Serena, cause as much as it would suck to loose my son it will suck more when I finally go home and Artemis shoots my ass with a bunch of arrows cause I let her chosen die. I go get Cruise and he’s still alive, that’s my boy, I summon my pack and we take to the trees to hide and heal.
Wayne wants me to come back and find them, cause the case is gone. Sorry, but the safety of my pack comes first. I would love to help but with a monster and 3 death spirits running around, and no case for everyone to hide in its too risky. At least I still have the mapper. Looks like its survival of the fittest time my friends. See you at the elevator in 4 to 7 days.

Story 2 - S-3: Tested Territories

Ok so this plant might be filled with jungle and monster and the whole theme might be “hunt or be hunted” but maybe it aint so bad. I mean, its not boring, thats for sure. These things want us to play their game and right now, its kind of fun. Our lives might depend on it but if i can forget that then we might have a chance of winning. We find out from Tony and Sarah we have two chances of getting out of here, us and Tony. hopefully Tony can prove that hes a bigger asset than we think he is because right now im thinking we are our only chance.
We met some new monsters, from what i head cruise, nico, and nicolai ran into a were lizard and some ghost but by the time Sam and I could get there he was gone, and didnt come back even when Sam called him back. Maybe he was really scared of Sam, he did carry me the entire time he was hoafin it down the mountain. After that Sam sent Cruise and I to do some recon on the big monster that lives on the mountain. When we got there Cruise instantly told me to bail and he went inside alone! After he told to to set up my gun and aim we waited awhile until he told me to be ready and then nothing happened…. i tried getting a little closer so i could see and when i did i saw the monster holding cruise like a lollipop he was about to enjoy. I did the first thing i could think of doing, shoot! the monster dropped cruise and next thing i knew i had three death spirits touching me at once and damn did that hurt! worst pain ive ever felt actually.. so i ran. or flew, or whatever, i got the hell out of there until a flying cruise hit me and the rest i dont remember. Did i fall gently, or did someone save me? i should find these things out.
Now were meeting at the elevator once im healed and were going back at it. Were gunna hunt this monster down and kill it if its the last thing i do.

Story 2 - S-3: Tested Territories


I dont know about this group sometimes. Doesnt look like things are getting easier but they keep doing silly shit. Im pretty sure most of them arent making it back. Well that wolf god will be fine but the rest of these fuckers are in for it if they dont start taking this shit seriously.

We managed to defeat the huge flying beast but alot of was were wounded during that battle. Some still didnt take it that seriously. I finished helping with the elevator and during the down time I used a power and Wayne’s help to learn how the hunter’s communicate. I’ve also spent a great deal of this time on the mountain secluded honing my time control power & skills so that ill be prepared when the real battle for survival begins. We ended up staying here a few months. People are eating mystery meat(each other) and some are dying of thirst. Thank god I dont have to worry about any of that. Talk about survival of the fittest.

Sam goes to find water and investigate the next big game we might decide to take down. I find a day later about a altercation and I send Serena half way down the mountain on top the elevator. Sam carries her from there. By the time I finally get down there I hear jabbering about some weird lizard creature. There is a huge roar and everyone rushes to see whats going on..

By the time we get close the roaring is closer and everyone if fleeing. Sigh, here we go again. Time to play who can survive in the jungle the longest without getting eaten by the huge monster with death spirits around it..

Story 2 - S-3: Tested Territories
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