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Session Three: Origins Revealed


i know something happened, but all i can remember are the rape threats….. and CROTCH ROTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!

as usual i spend the nights doing all the leg work for the group…. recon, infiltration, stake outs….everything…..first i was tasked with casing and bugging 2 separate night clubs, both owned by our competition. too dangerous for the average kid, zombie, Frankenstein or robot….so of course, cruise to the rescue…..its too early to tell what info we got out of it but so far it was a success. i was then sent to tail some thug form one of the night clubs…they sent our pet zombie with me, he was useless couldnt do much besides distract me while i was trying to get the job done… fucker owes me a new lock pick set. …im still not sure if he has powers beyond commanding useless thugs……im trying to take it easy on him though because we just found out his penis is rotting off because of his “rapey” life style……
apparently some of the group got some results though, we now have heavy artillery and well as military grade firepower to start taking the fight up a level….

Session Three: Origins Revealed

Damon Belafonti:

What a busy week. We are trying to get all of our dealings in order before we can make a calculated strike against the Marianuchi Family. We started by tighten our grip on the community and the businesses in our territory. We went to the Laundry mat and let Sandro’s little sister have a go at the poor bastard that was working that night. It didn’t hurt that we rolled in deep with goons and guard dogs. Next the Repair shop across the street. As we get ready to head in Sam gets a call from Cruez mentioning that they might have a decent lead on some higher ups in the Marianuchi Family and that they’re going to tail them and see if something is going down. Sam tells me they got the repair shop covered but, the others might need some back up so I take Mikey and Joey and meet up with Cruez incase the situation gets out of hand. Turns out on the drive up there I get a call from Wayne that Sandro and his sister are getting there asses handed to them by the shop owner. Sigh, Jesus Christ people; If you can’t handle a shop keeper maybe it’s time for a new line of work.

When I finally meet up with Cruez he tells me that the other two targets got away but they managed to track this guy to a diner. I play look out while Cruez bumbles around this guys car door like a retard, and jams his lock picking gear in the door. He asks if my flunkies are good at breaking into shit. Look man there job is to break people’s legs.. pull your head out of your ass and use your power to retrieve your lock picking shit before you give us away. He slides a tracking device on the car and we get into a stupid argument about if we should call it a night or follow him further since we already have the tracking device on the vehicle. “Fuck it; this is the dumbest shit i’ve ever argue about!” I tail the guy the rest of the way by myself. He stops at an apartment building and I give him some space before I follow him into the complex. I jot down the room number he goes into and catch a glimpse of who he’s meeting up with. I use my powers to deduce that this is a social visit but also that this woman was vampire that also feeds off her own kind. “Holy shit, vampires exist, holy shit she must be a bad ass if she eats her own as well” I give Sam a call and fill him in on the situation. He in trade fills me in on the repair shop guy and that he has a heavy military background and that he now works for the family. “That’s great! access to big boy weapons will go a long way in the war to come.”

I have a little more business to attend to before I call it a night. I meet up with an old friend I haven’t seen in months. Maybe sneaking into his car and popping out from the backseat was a little over the top, but I got a decent chuckle out of it. “What’s wrong man, you look like you’ve seen a ghost.” I catch him up on what’s going on. And tell him we are going to put an end to the Marianuchi family, but I’m going to need his help. I want you to convince them that you are ready to expand more into their organization. Tell them you are willing to sell their drugs in your club. You will have more access to them than ever before. I don’t want you to get yourself in trouble. Don’t be eager but keep your ears to the ground. When you hear word about anything just leave me a message at a drop point that will set up.

We decide to leave the S-mart alone for now, no point in trying to take on a corporation. We head to the bowling alley and through the use of my ability I determine that there is magic all over this place, Even the building itself. We find out the owner sells magical goods. I want to come back and speak to him alone…

The situation with my poor penis has got worse and Simon’s remedies are not working. I go to Wayne and he uses radiation treatments on my dick and burns half of it off. Why did I decide to be a test subject for this bullshit?!?

Sam takes us to meet the “Seer” and I end up making an ass of myself hitting on her assistant apparently Cruez got to that one 1st. Anyways she tells me she can explain what I am and that I have a power I don’t even know about yet. I’m going to have to give a little bit of my power and soul in exchange. I agree and fall into the rabbit whole….


Session Three: Origins Revealed


Well looks like the easy stuff is over, I hope these kids are ready for what comes next. I’m really not looking forward to fighting the Marinuchi’s but at the same time a part of me feels like the group need to be culled, the dead weight removed. At least we got control of the neighborhood with only limited difficulties. I really wish that Sandro hadn’t gone down like that, now my instincts are telling me not to follow a weak leader to kill him and take over, but my brain says it could happen to anyone. Anyone except me. The only problem with taking over is that he’s the bosses son so looks like I’m just going to have to do a lot of biting my tongue and avoiding him and his sister. Shitty thing is unlike him she’s useful.
So we got new leads on the marinuchi’s and some bars they frequent.I set cruise to the task with Tony and Frank as backup and Damon as the reserves and they came through as usual, thank goodness for good help. Seems they work with vampires, or the other way around. Either way no big deal just gotta hit um during the daytime. That also means more civilians, more cops, and less powers used. Not like subtlety is one of our strong points but I’d rather that then fighting vampires at night.
Finally I took everyone to the seer, if were gonna get into this deeper than everyone needs to know who or what they are. So looks like I’m teamed up with a cyborg, a mutant, a frankenmutant, an undead mutant, an immortal… Kind of, a cruise, and the avatars of 2 gods. Damn I was really hoping that the first time we met and Damon said I was the strongest that he was wrong. Then on top of all that info I start to think about my dreams and wonder if the figure in them is who I think it may be, which would explain why someone like me is in Chicago. As if that’s not enough as I’m trying to wrestle with my own problem I get some footage from the others than pisses me the fuck off. Now not only might I have to kill someone but I gotta talk to Sandro again whom I’ve been trying to avoid. Why does everyone think there above or outside the chain of command, and therefore don’t have to follow orders. Then when you show up to kill um they all have that same dumb look on there face like they did nothing wrong and your the asshole. I don’t know if I care why I’m here anymore, at this point I just want to go home.

Session Three: Origins Revealed


Well what an eventful week. It’s nice being able to do stuff but it kind of sucks having brother following my every move. Dad found out that I was helping with this group so he got pissed and told shondro that he has to go EVERYWHERE I go. What the hell?! Guess Shrondos going to having some keeping up to do. Poor guy, better stay on his toes. I love him but he’s gotta realize I don’t need no babysitter, no matter what dad says. I mean if he didn’t have to go with me to the mechanics place and I had my trusty Dante it might’ve not went so bad at first. Wait, if Computure had just done his two jobs right it would’ve gone perfect. Seriously though, who sends the bosses kids out with bad papers and a bad story? Seems like he might be doing something fishy, or he’s just terrible at what he does, in that case, trim the fat! We don’t need that. If anything ever did happen to Shrondo this whole group would be done for, accident or not, I would make sure dad knows to get rid of them all. For good.

Now not everything went wrong, we managed to take over the nail salon (free manicures forever!) and the mechanic ended up being some military badass (we found that out after we kicked our ass) but he also helped us out quite a bit) turns out dude had the mother load of guns stashed away, perfect for getting them damn Marrinuchis. We also have 45 percent of his profits coming out way too. Money, guns, and a new Allie with military background? Not bad at all, definitely worth the beating haha. We went by the antiques store too but there’s something bigger going on there, idk how I knew it but I just know there’s something different protecting that store, and that sounds useful. Now just to find out how to get that thing to protect us instead. One things for sure, it’s best not to go after that till after we get the Marrunichis because taking on more than one enemy at a time just sounds foolish. Also this week I went and seen the seer. Boy was that eventful. Not only did I find out what my brother and I are but I also found out about what everyone else is. I also found out some stuff I would’ve rather not know about Damon’s penis. Geez men are animals. STDs at a time like this? Really man, pull it together or get gone, maybe that’s why I don’t remember him doing anything important this week, to busy cleaning that dirty dick. Gross, remind me to stay away from him when I’m drunk. No seriously, I need to remember that. I do some stupid stuff (people) at times and I can’t be getting that shit. Anyways, I did find out what I am. Check this out, I’m an avatar of Artemis! One of the gods? Wow, I knew my family was important but I didn’t know it went back to that. Now I’m just gunna have to do everything I can to prove to Artemis what a good pick I am. Maybe one day she’ll even talk to me. Shondro is also an avatar to Apollo. Well I suppose we both have some proving to do, I guess ill have to talk to shondro further about this later. With all that we learned I’d say we got ourselves a battle to win. Watch out Marrunichis, were coming for you.
Session Three: Origins Revealed

I felt a lot of pain and death. I have learned one thing… Fear does not exist inside of me.

Maximus also taught me a few things about what it means to be Immortal. I still have a lot to learn, but I feel like I’m catching on very quickly.

Session Three: Origins Revealed

i met a person inside of the internet. she is a prgram or something, im not sure but she told me she was going to send me something, i cant wait to see what it is. we recruited a new guy today and hes a total bad ass. i kinda screwed over sandro and his sister, i sent them with the wrong fake id’s. they ended up fighting with jim and getting pretty messed up, sam and myself had to go and help, but eventually we gave up and we got to talk it out. he runs guns and has alot of amazing gear, he will be a valued asset, but can we fully trust him?

Session Three: Origins Revealed
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