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Session Six: Unfinished Business Part Two (Conclusion)


We moved on to pazotos after taking care of Mano. I tryed to remove and control mangos soal but there was a hidden spell that blew me up. We then tracked him down to a where house and I stayed out side to watch for people leaving or coming in. After the team defeated them I tryed to anchor his soal and the same hidden spell blew up befor I could stop it. Sam and sondro found qthe family’s and killed the wife and children to ensure the family couldn’t rise again



So its done. The Marinuchi family is no more, I would say they put up a good fight, but Sandro just massacred some women and children while they hid and cried for mercy. With that over so is my obligation to the Giovanni family, good thing too I don’t think I could keep on working for a child murderer. Pazuto was tailed to a warehouse where the bloodsuckers that were controlling the family had him. We busted in and took them down, but the vamp had some magic and ported away. They were overheard saying that they will have to find a new family to take the city. Since the only family left here is the Giovanni I guess its gonna take them time to rebuild, fine with me we got our own pressing concerns as is. Cruise was adamant about hunting them down, but it seemed to be a waste of time and resources. We had finished the job we were brought together to do and none too soon in my opinion. Cruises outbursts finally wore my seemingly infinite patience out when he pointed a gun at my head after the job, and all I was trying to do was make sure we weren’t followed home. He has lost that quality that had made him harmless and cute, now he seems just pretty, materialistic, and weak. I feel sorry for my true son, which is the wolf inside him. He treats him like a tool to be used at his convenience then tossed away when no longer needed. To do all this in front of me is blasphemy, and he is to stupid and self absorbed to even see it. I said it once before, for the few that come back from this trip to space one thing is for sure. Things will never be the same again.



We start the interrogation of Manzo. It doesn’t look like we are going to get any info out of him. And the last time they tried this it didn’t go well. I ask nico to pull his soul out. Doesn’t work out, apparently they have blood magic that makes souls blow up when tampered with. We end up tracking pezzotto to a warehouse via info from cruise.

we engage the henchmen and Sam and cruise take out the mariunchi’s. I got shot a few times but I took it like a trooper. Sam talks me out of getting my new toy. I buy a iron man suit and buy survival gear. I’m ready to get this party started.

Kaoskris2006 Kaoskris2006

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