Superpowers: Real-World Powers

Session Six: Unfinished Business Part One


Its finally time, I give mikey and Joey directions on what they need to do in case I dont see them again anytime soon. Cruise brings me a new toy he apparently stole from china, then gives me a call a few hours later mentioning that I better test it out cause it might malfunction. We find out that he was in the hospital for almost blowing his own leg off. Are we sure this guy can go to a alien homeworld on a rescue misson, he can barely keep himself alive; let alone rescue a little girl. Anyway we start working on plans to get into the Pezzotto estate and I mention the new guy can turn to a ghost, and carry us all in and let us in without anyone even realizing it.

We gather any extra ammo and supplies we will need for the mission. I go see the gentlemen at the magic shop one more time to see if they can put a rush on that order because we will be leaving on that vacation very soon. He mentions he can probably get it sooner but it will cost more, alot of the time spent getting rare items like this is lost on haggling the price down for us, I give him a amount that im willing to pay total, then I meet up with the group to lock and load inside the briefcase. Cruise gives the necromancer one extra mission to find the camera room and let us out there…

Hours later we are in her still waiting, the germans are having a house party and they have “Hookers & Blow” down there, im gonna take a little break guys, come get me when its time to kill something. Eventually they have to come get me and I gear up again, im waiting patiently but I clearly look like I need to get back to those hookers. Sam ties me up for my own good and the crazy ass immortal pulls out my dick and draws his sword “Sam are you really gonna let this shit go down like this bro?” Sam says “Relax… He wont do it” The immortal nods his head at me"Dude yes I will". I ask Serena if she can give me a hand and of course everyone took it the wrong way, “I just mean tuck it back in and zip it, Jeez” Sam unties me and the Briefcase door finally opens, “Thank god this shit was getting weird.”

I go down the hall and provide cover fire and start picking off goons with Serena backing me up, Im impressed she’s not doing bad for a chick. Evenually We grab Manzo and Cruise drags him into the suitcase. Everyone else follows, We start working on interrogation tactics and what we will do opposed to what failed horribly last time, and Sam, The immortal, and Sandro go after the Chick thats running away with immortals twin or whatever the hell its suppose to be….

To be continued….



Well before we all go off to our deaths on the far side of the galaxy we decide to take the marinuchi’s down a peg first. This kind of work seems a bit beneath me now that were gonna go to alien planets and shit, but cruise asked me and he seemed so excited to try his new toys so why not. I take all the armor since its the only tech I can make use of and get ready to go in. The necromancer at first bungles the job but makes up for it later with holding down his side of the hallway almost singlehandedly. Damon and Serena are reliable as usual and take the other hall, which leaves me, cruise and nicolia to take manzo and an immortal bitch. Max had told me how it works, they have to fight 1 on 1, if anyone else is involved I can jump in only to even the odds back to singles combat. I hold up my end but Nicolai has no intention of fighting fair, what a coward. He can already split into 2 which is in my opinion borderline cheating as is, but I guess justice is served as she escaped with one half of him. Fuck it that’s for Max to sort out now and we’ve still gotta get Manzo’s wife. Me and Sandro head after he and cruise follows with a suitcase full of troops…..


Cruise- before we go commit galactic suicide we are going to finish off the maranuchis.

Everything was set, we had the intel and plan. As for te execution, we blew it. The group decides to have the necromancer carry in my briefcase, instead of me….. He got lost and the entire plan went to shit. Pazuto escaped. I encouraged the group to head immiediatly to manzo (another targets) house to get him before pazuto alerted him to what we were doing. We got him but now some immortal napped the Russian kid and pazuto is no where to be found. We’ve gota finish this damnit



As I’m training to go rescue Sarah, the group asks me to go help them finish some business we should’ve taken care of a long time ago. After the normal delays and fuck ups from the people we choose to depend on and give the most important jobs to, we get half of our job done. I wasn’t much help because the other strong immortal besides for Max ended up being one of our targets protector/advisor or some shit. I should’ve seen this coming from a mile away. I have no idea how I’m still alive, Max is supposed to be fighting these battles for me. I’m just glad he came to save me. I wish he wouldn’t jump to conclusions about me fighting dishonorably when I barely know the rules. Well anyways guys, off to save Sarah!


So the ghosts I sent on recon on the marinuchi family returned with little useful information. I suggested I do recon because I can become ethrill. I did the recon and when I was going to go with crusees suit case with the groupe inside and I couldn’t find the security room and my magic wore off and super chargers and blew a hole in the floor alerting the family someone was ther I tryed to leave and had to erase my aura to get back to the dinner with out bing followed by some one that was shooting me with magic bullets. We went back with cruse sneaking in and letting us all out in the house a big fight ensued. Sam and Sandro left to find mangos wife wile we finished his off.


Lets go get the Marrinuchis they said, we got it no problem they said. Wow. The plan seemed legit until someone decides magic dude (who doesn’t even know his powers)gets to go in while he’s carried everyone (literally, we were in the suitcase). Well that was the first of many fuck ups. Hes gets lost, when we had someone who actually knew the whole layout. Then, just likes newtons law of gravity, anything that can go wrong, will. Ugh the boneheads on this payroll really need to get it together.

After the disaster that was our plan we decided to Wong it anyways,and we did. Now I’m trapped in a suitcase and I don’t know where my brother is. If one hair gets hurt on his head, they’re all done for.
Kaoskris2006 Kaoskris2006

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