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Session Four: Today The War Began



WHY AM I IN CHARGE! Seriously I am the worst choice for this I can’t read, write, can barely count, drive, shoot a gun, use a computer. And know nothing of science, politics, or medicine. Granted I can see why they would feel the call to follow me, I am the most powerful, have the most experience, and rarely make bad decisions. I just don’t understand how anyone who has been around me for more than a few hours can’t tell that I don’t belong in this world, so I definitely don’t belong leading others here. I will give Wayne this much though, he is correct to an extent, learning to read, and other skills to help me thrive better would be beneficial in many ways. What he fails to understand is I have no wish to adapt to or become part of this toilet bowl of a place they call the real world. The group continues to function, but at times I wonder how. Among the infighting and betrayal we still manage to get things done. The dreams still come and make my waking hours more and more hectic. I really could use some time to get my head straight but it looks like were in it deep now. Cruise finally came to grips with his identity with my help. The others in the group think I baby him, and I do cause he is a baby. He is like a toddler who just learned to walk and talk, he may smart off at times but I find it sure and harmless from him he also knows exactly the situation he is in with me so he knows what his limits are. I just wish it wasn’t always 3 sets forward then 2 steps back with him. At least the rest of the group seems relatively consistent and I like the new guy. First experience with vampires wasn’t exactly a win, but no one died so not a loss either. I admit I could have handled the Wayne situation better, but I don’t know any other way. The more I learn about myself the more I am certain that I truly am the one thing that I always feared I was, a savage creature that only knows to kill. I wanted to stay a law abiding and ordered man so as to keep myself from becoming that very thing, but I guess u can’t run from what u are. Do these rules I cling to even make sense or are they just a way for the weak to keep the strong from overtaking them and to allow lesser creatures to survive when they should be culled?
Session Four: Today The War Began

It seem’s someone has been stealing from the family. Sandro called us all together to give a small example of what happens to those whom can no longer be trusted. Some had begun to take him for granted due to the human at the garage shop getting the drop on him. This would kill two birds with one stone by showing why he shouldnt be crossed as well.

After being rid of the frankenhulk beast Sandro brought in a new guy, I dont think he’s much of a people person so it might take a second for him to get use to everything. Although what he’s lacking in people skills he makes up for in power, Turns out he’s a necromancer. Thats sweet someone with magic on our side. I sat him down and explained to him that team members dont use there powers on each other without there permission. We have seem to come to a understanding for the moment. But the second he gets out of line with that shit and tries to manipulate me with his abilities ill end him.

So Sam has finally come to terms with his leadership roll. Good for him; long time coming, no point in stopping progress. Maybe this will help make us a more organized unit. I rather it be run like a military squad anyways; cleaner and more professional. Will need that if we are to defeat the Maranuchi’s. Not sure if everyone has the killer instinct thats needed to do what we do here. Oh well guess they will figure out or get themselves killed shrug no skin off my back.

Had a few weeks to work on my Time Control power. Im definately starting to get the hang of it. Working on my finacial situation and trying to get some inside information on the Maranuchi’s set in place.

Our first strike on the vampire bitch didnt go so well. apparently she has some mind altering abilities and some how effected/ gained control of wayne while we yanked information out of her lover. She set up plastic explosive’s at her appartment and managed to avoid us. Keep running bitch!! We are coming for you…

Session Four: Today The War Began

So Sondro killed Frank, not that i say i don’t agree with his decision, the guy as basically stealing from all of us. Selling the pushermans drugs like we wouldnt find out. I finally got that item in the mail. its a chair that allows me to project my consciousness into the internet. its real bad ass. so tanchi? and i are working on getting her a body so she wont be trapped in that world anymore. i started working on building robotics, not only will that help me with my goals but will defiantly aid in the take over of the Marinuchi family. i got into an argument with sam about his leadership ability’s. i do think he should be leader but with that job comes more responsibility and if he doesn’t have the smarts to deal with it how can he make the best choice, the guy needs to learn how to read if hes going to be running an elite team for the mob. long story shot sam sicked his hounds on me to teach me a lesson, not sure if he taught me a lesson of just pissed me off, either way there isnt much i can do about it. after al the shit cruis has done and said, im the one thats gets attacked by dogs. even after he asserted his dominance cruis talked shit and basically ruined the interrogation he still doesnt get any discipline. and i have to go in and get the info myself, causeing me to get there dominate as well. so for a while there i really loved this vampire, but on my own i handled the situation i got her out of my head and saved the team alot of hassle, again. how do they repay me for my loyalty? they threaten to set fire to my multi million dollar piece of equipment. way to be on my side guys, i really appreciate that. Well im not going to let you guys walk all over me like this, they need me at this point way more than i need them, so well see who comes asking for my help soon enough.

Session Four: Today The War Began

CRUISE- so it came out that frank was working for pusherman. sandro killed him pretty quick for that. everyone found out i had a few of them mgh joints on me and got pretty pissed, i had to run my ass off to avoid being killed. everyone eventually calmed down and realized nothing would get done if i died. The boss gave us another job, we were to find out what was going on with this vampire that was working for the maranuchis…..somehow the vampire took control of computer and was able to escape…..he apparently is fine now but we failed that mission. theres also a new guy in the group, some kind of mage or necromancer or somthnig…either way its just another way too powerful being that cant die and probably needs to go….too soon to tell.

Session Four: Today The War Began
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