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Session Five: Hitlist


Cruise- The days went on like usual….. I hit 3 trucks this week for the group, brought in thousands of dollars. while i was making progress the rest of the group continued to be distracted by one thing or another. This week it was this little girl, sarah. She apparently was just dropped in our lap and now sam has made himself her father…she is showing extreme levels of power,to look at her aura or her twilight form burns the eyes of the watcher, and if they are weak enough it could even kill them. Damon was killed trying, lucky for him he cannot die.
i convinced tony black to teach me how to drive today, it was pretty easy. He was so impressed with how fast i learned he gave me his car…..i had my sights on a different car so i gave it to my wolf half, he enjoyed it.
once again computer turned on the group, im not sure of the details but during the battle nikoli, damon and sarah were killed. nikoli and damon are playing life on easy mode and cant die so thats no big deal for them, but sarah seemed to be lost to us. sam is very upset about it and tried to go after computer again, who fled like a bitch……after a while he showed up again and informed us that he was again under some other kind of influence and back on the team…the necromancer also informed us that sarah is not dead just lost….apparently computers nexus or warp gate or whatever it is sent her to the planet he is from….full of creatures with weapons that can kill out strongest members in a single blow. i have to go there to get her back for sam, but i know i wont be coming back… not a computer with a back up drive somewhere or a unkillable zombie, immortal or nordic god just a dude that can turn intoa wolf…its going to be rough….The battle with the maranuchis apparently has to go on hold until someone makes it back alive to continue.

Session Five: Hitlist


Well I would talk about the Marinuchi war but we don’t really do anything against them, just talk about it. Then if were not complaining about who gets paid more or less, or who does more or less. They spend the rest of our time running in and out of the magic shop one at a time buying items out from under each other to try to somehow shortcut to becoming stronger. And of coarse our favorite past time of chasing Wayne around as he stabs the group in the back on a weekly basis, with all of that going on who has time to do our jobs.
I adopted a daughter at the request of our new mage. She’s a nice little girl, she’s also a goddess bound in human form. The mage said he wanted to train her to be a powerful mage, what a fool she’s a god that would be like training an eagle to run. We had a good time but everyone kept barraging me with questions about her. Yeah she’s powerful and there may be people looking for her, so what, if they come then I protect my own. They also seemed to think that I need help in some way raising her, I’ve sired an entire race that now walks the earth I think I can handle one little girl. I enjoyed the company she brought though, then of coarse someone did come after her. It was just wasn’t some bad guys though, it was Wayne with weekly backstabbing.
So Wayne shuts down while teaching Sarah then starts up and sucks me, her, and Pauly into his portal. I really don’t know why they say I’m the strongest if a guy can just wave his hand and beat me, on top of that Damon is immune to death and can control time, yeah I’m really the strongest. So we end up in this purple cave/tunnel and with we fight with Wayne, Damon and Nicolai go down but Sarah’s help we drop Wayne. The battle ends with a lightning bolt that incinerates Sarah and Pauly and when Wayne wakes up he remembers nothing. I try to kill Wayne for the death of my daughter and pet, but instead of taking responsibility for his actions and dieing with honor he runs like a coward. I guess it was for the best though since he found out Sarah is alive on some distant planet filled with the best hunters in the galaxy. We will see about that.
So now were on a one way ticket to hell, and Wayne’s our tour guide. A man whose already betrayed us twice. I doubt seriously that any of us will make it back alive, maybe a few at best. I really just hope we can get Sarah back at least, either way if I make it back I will have to take a long look at my life and my priorities. There’s no doubt about it, the survivors will never be the same after this.

Session Five: Hitlist


Everyone is preparing for battle. We have most of the information we need to hit the Marinuchi’s and then out of the blue this little girl is pretty much dropped on our doorstep. She has enormous power stored in her. Enough to burn away my sight when I used my powers to scans her. Sam is taking care of her, which is fine. She will be safer with someone similiar to her. Some how Wayne snapped and tried to kill us. All I know is I teleported into his Portal space looking like Krillen and got blown up by some creature that I didnt get a good look at; this is bullshit. Apparently the girl somehow got sent to a different world and Wayne is back to himself again. Sam was gonna be rid of him until Wayne mentioned a way to go to there homeworld and rescue her. Something was mentioned about them being the ultimate hunters. This should be interesting. We havent even finished with the other crime family yet and now we are going across the galaxy to rescue a god like child for alien hunters.

Better check out the magic shop, this might end up being a one way trip.

Session Five: Hitlist

I’ve been learning so many new things lately. This week I learned how to craft my own sword. Maximus wanted me to find my own material, so I went to the magic shop and told them what I needed. I ended up with an extremely hard and durable substance called adamantite. Let me tell you, it took a very large amount of time and skill to forge what I wanted with that stuff. No room for error at all. After I was finished with it, Wayne came to me and asked to analyze the material. I told him he could.

After I finished that, I went to hang out with Damon on a scouting mission he was doing with the new guy. Somehow he brought up adopting this little girl(a ghost told him to?). By the time I made it to the orphanage, Sam had already adopted her. That’s great, I thought he’d be a good dad. I’ve also always wanted a little sister, so I’m excited to get to know her. We convinced Wayne to help teach her a few things because Sam and I are practically illiterate. I guess as he was teaching her, he betrayed us and tried teleporting her and Sam away. Sarah then summoned Damon and I (did I forget to mention this little girl is unfathomably powerful?) to them. Wayne shoots me with some fucking cannon and I wake up a couple hours later to find out Sarah is being hunted on a different planet. Looks like we’re taking a road trip, guys.

Session Five: Hitlist

Well it looks like I mucked things up again. Let me start from the begging. So we are trying to kill and take over the Marinuchi crime family. But every time i turn around im shooting or ratting on my friends. Not intentionally but I guess im easily compromised, first the Vampire and now my sub routines. I finally got Tachi out of her prison and everything should have been going good. Now I’m responsible for sending Sarah to an Alien world. Oh yeah Sarah is my niece, Sam adopted her and entrusted me to teach Sarah. She was phenomenal, apparently she is a “God, in human form”, after 2 days she was at a collage level and on the third day she solved quantum theory. But i sent her to get hunted but the universes best hunters. Oh yeah i killed Nick and Damon tonight, Im sorry guys. I also shot at Sam and sent Pauly to his death. Ill never be able to make up for this, but i will get Sarah back.

Session Five: Hitlist
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