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S-2 Story 2: The High Ground


We regroup on the planet and start tossing around some game plans. We end up heading back and gathering a few space pods for parts. I’ve decided it might be helpful to create a beastary to keep up with all the different creatures we have encountered on this death trap… Killer trees, raptors, huge alien hounds, the alien species that put us here for sport, and this huge flying creature. Cruise comes back with info that Tony Black is alive and undergoing some sort of training. And the alien creatures that dropped us here will give us sarah if we survive on this planet until tony has completed his training and complete a hunt. Not sure if we are going to be working together when that time comes or if we are to be hunted, only time will tell.

We defeat the huge monster that rules the skies, if nothing that should impress these so called alien hunters. Unfortunately I got dropped during the battle, when I came to nico had somehow fucked up the body of the creature and brought it back as some kinda out of control raving zombie. We better not come across it again or im kicking his ass, plus I wanted the body. Jesus Christ pull your heads out of your asses people…

I dont have alot of power at the moment but Im damn sure carrying more of the load of this bullshit then I should be. A little more teamwork would be appreciated.

S-2 Story 2: The High Ground


This place is kinda fun. There’s jungle as far as the eye can see, and plenty of good creatures to fight and hunt. Unfortunately Sarah is not on the planet, but Cruise says if we play this survival game the hunters want us to play then after can have her back and go home. Sounds good to me except the part where we have to rely on tony black, but if he succeeds I’ll reward him by making him one of my new children when we get back. I also hope Hans and Heinz live cause those 2 will make great werewolves as well. It I can bite all three of them and find my avatar I should have a pack string enough for anything earth has to offer. I figure if I’m stuck in this place I might as well do some good for my children, since I bet vampires and other changing breeds are jumping on this embrace mutants band wagon. I think if I don’t my kind may loose the war to come. Its nice to have Cruise back on board. When me and him are actually working together I get the feeling there is nothing we can’t accomplish. That’s what family is for right. So we got the high ground now, water is the next big thing. We find water we live, if not its gonna be a real short survival game.
S-2 Story 2: The High Ground

Cruise- We decided to split into shifts, one taem sleeping the other traveling to make more better time and cover more ground. we wanted to find water and get the power supply’s out of the pods get sarah and get the hell out of here… wasnt long before we were attacked by a group of creatures that appeared to be raptors…during the battle we were being watched by 2 beings that appeare to be the same race as the one that has abducted us. I was able to make contact with the beings, they informed me that sarah was no longer on this planet, and we would ge ther back after we completed some game they are playing with us….thats a relief because at first i thought we just came here to die for no reason, its for a game….that makes it better. ….. sam got it in his head that we needed to get one of my cameras onto the giant flying dragon creature we had seen flying through the sky. He told me to get it done. i climbed 8.5 hours to the top of a mountain to the beasts nest, with the suitcase on my back containing the rest of the group. i then snuck up on the creature and released the group on him. the beast fell easily….we suffered no loses……

S-2 Story 2: The High Ground
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